What Is a Real Astrologer And Why You Need One

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Astrologers are the witnesses, interpreters, and scribes of celestial messages.

We study the cyclical time and preoccupy ourselves with the correlations between the positions of spatial objects and human conditions. We help our clients make sense of their profound connection with the cosmos and present ways to leverage and synchronize with the universal energy flow. A competent astrologer is your mightiest secret weapon for strategizing your endeavors and maximize your chance of success in all areas.

We leap through space and time, investigating the past and prognosticating the future. Crucial moments –from the inception of an idea to the founding of nations –are our subjects of study. We discover hidden significance, observe patterns, and present valuable and important information from a non-materialistic worldview.


Fractal and holographic universe

“As above, so below” is the astrologer’s credo. At any moment, the Zeitgeist is the sum of stellar influences on earth, full of potentials and significance, manifesting on all levels of existence. An astrology chart encapsulates these energies and contains the blueprint of future development of those born at the specific moment. The information within is deciphered and conveyed by the astrologer.

Quality of time

Astrologically speaking, the combination of planetary cycles at any given moment makes the “quality of time.” Anyone born within this time frame is “imprinted” with this unique quality, and their future is shaped by the interaction between their astrological imprints and ongoing, external planetary cycles.

Free will

The celestial energy’s effects on the individual always align with their capability, beliefs, and choices. The direction and qualities of the energy are predetermined, but not the end results. Abundance and ease are overrated as they are often thoughtlessly squandered, even result in personality weaknesses. With self-awareness and determination, the unleashed energy in the most difficult cases is what sets one apart from their peers.

Law of correspondence

Astrologers don’t claim that the movement of objects in space “cause” events. Instead, we use a network of correlating objects and concepts that are assigned to zodiac signs and planets. These correspondences are developed by practitioners past and present for interpreting and working with stellar energies.


Astrology is a rich symbolic system that describes the energy flow through the movement of celestial objects. It gives context, meanings, and directions to one’s place in the personal and cosmic cycles. The changing sky and its correspondence to matters on earth is a testament that everything is synchronized in the universal flow.

Every being on earth is complete and self-contained part of the infinite. Each of us is predominantly influenced by the placement of our ascendant, sun, moon, and closely connected objects at the moment of our birth. If there’s a cluster of planets in any one sign, the qualities of that sign will dominate our personalities. Lastly, the strongest planet dictates their ultimate concern and underlying drive.

Considering the innumerable factors in astrology, it’s no wonder that Sun Sign astrology and daily horoscope routinely fall short. The misrepresentation of real astrology has led countless skeptics to prematurely reject astrology and missed out on this fascinating ancient knowledge.

A modern-day consultation with a capable astrologer can be life-changing. Each natal chart contains one’s deepest fears, highest joys, strengths and weakness, hopes and dreams. Volumes’ worth of information can be decoded from just one set of birth data.

Needless to say, the responsibility of handling such personal information demands professional and ethical conducts. For this reason, I explicitly lay out in my client agreement how your data and identity will be protected, and how I will go above and beyond the expectation to ensure that you have a positive and enriching experience.


A person’s future is directed by their free will, and driven by personality, behavioral patterns, and beliefs. More self-knowledge leads to better decision-making, which ultimately shapes one’s destiny.  

There are no such things as “good” and “bad” aspects in modern western astrology, only easy and hard ones. In the long run, the hard aspects in a person’s chart, once mastered and understood, are the stuff that makes heroes and legends.

An experienced astrologer understands the inner working and manifestation of cosmic influences. We task ourselves with bringing awareness to the cautions and aspirations within our clients’ personal cosmos, and facilitate the unlocking and harnessing of the energy within to achieve their goals.

There is always a path towards self-realization and fulfillment, and there are always options for higher expression and better outcomes. Everything you need is within you, built in when you were born –this is where astrology really shines in comparison to all other self-improvement methods.

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Personal Growth and Life Coaching

In our consulting sessions, I will shine lights on your internal patterns and support you to develop them into super powers while faithfully maintaining your truth and integrity. In our collaborative process, you will discover the interference pattern between your inner dynamic and the external energies; we will discuss ways to safely and constructively release these forces based on your unique makeup, current circumstance, and your choice. I forecast the likely trajectories, prepare you for the impact, and empower you to rise above life’s ups and downs. 

Most of my clients originally reached out during life’s turning points: business startups, relocations, career and relationship changes, personal or family crisis. In all likelihood, they or their loved ones were in the midst of an important astrological passage. They felt lost, stuck, or overwhelmed. Something was amiss, and they wanted further understanding beyond their accustomed realities.

Through my client’s profile I identify the epicenter of their current dilemma and give a crash course on the activated internal and external forces. I lay out the strengths and challenges in their natal charts, as well as the perils and opportunities during current period. Their stress subsides as soon as they realize that there are specific cosmic forces at work and something can be done to improve their situation and promote personal growth.

In the short term, I steer my clients away from misadventures, minimize setbacks, signal opportunities, and optimize timing. In the long run, my aim is to illuminate the paths to self-knowledge and a life best-lived on their terms.


Do you know your exact birth time? Most people don’t. Even with an accurate birth record, the time of a physical birth can be different from the moment the soul enters the body.

Rectification is the process of calibrating a person’s natal chart with important dates such as marriage, major moves, illness, and accidents. These dates are then used to determine an accurate-to-the-minute birth time, which is essential for all astrological calculations. An inaccurate time of birth results in egregious errors such as wrong rising and moon signs. In addition, predictions and election (choosing a favorable time for special events) become impossible.

Rectification tremendously improves the depth and definition of the reading, that’s why I am happy to include this special service for free for all my clients — it’s worth the extra effort. You will notice a refined clarity and alignment –like everything falling into place –comparing to other readings. (Subscribers to the retainer service will also receive free rectifications for their immediate family upon request. Link)

Relationship Readings

Astrology is a valuable model to describe and analyze one’s interaction with people, events, and things. The process of overlying two natal charts to interpret the relationship between two parties is called synastry. While this method shows the initial attraction and feelings, it mostly confirms the client’s experience and does not bring any new insights.

The blessings and challenges of a long-term relationship are revealed in more complex calculations that merge two parties into one. I rely on these calculations to map out the relationship terrain for my clients. They are the true testaments of the viability and quality of a connection. The forecasts are usually quite uncanny, sometimes surprising, yet time and again they materialize as the relationship matures. 

After witnessing significant relationships’ impact on one’s life path, I am convinced that the astrologer’s due diligence, honesty and compassion in relationship readings is crucial –even if the outlook goes against the client’s wishes. I’m committed to faithfully relate what the charts convey –good news or otherwise.


A horary chart is the “chart of the moment” of an earnest and well-defined question. By following rigorous rules and procedures, the astrologer renders a yes or no answer, and by extension, the how, who, what, why, where, and the short-term trajectory along the current course of action.

Over the years I have developed a hybrid approach that combines traditional and modern astrology, as well as other lesser-known techniques to render rich details regarding the issue at hand. This is particularly useful when the birth information of the counter-party (person or organization) is incomplete.   


There is an ideal time for everything. Whether it is relocations marriage ceremonies, contract signings and negotiation, grand openings, medical procedures, or lawsuits, I can help you select the best time to significantly enhance your chance of success. The consequence of an ill-timed event adds unnecessary stress in the future. The problematic energy of the event, once fully materialized, often directly contributes to the effort’s breakdown.

In addition to timing, I also help my clients orchestrate important events with location, wardrobe, menu selection –down to the minute-by-minute choreography –to align and leverage the cosmic momentum to their advantage.  

Investigation (Forensic & Historic)

It’s common astrology practice to dial back the clock and investigate what had transpired at an earlier time. “What happened? What does this mean?” are common questions after something apprehensive or mysterious took place. Not surprisingly, astrology is also a powerful tool when multiple viewpoints (or misinformation) are presented regarding a past event when its importance was not realized by the witness at the time or multiple and conflicting accounts call for clarification.

Relocation (Astro-cartography)

Relocation astrology is much more than moving to the “line” –the location where a beneficial planet is directly overhead at the time of birth. To do it properly, the natal chart needs to be recast for each considered location and re-evaluated entirely. Decisions are made with an eye on trade-offs between desired objectives and priorities, e.g., an ideal location for love is different from one for career. Since a well-chosen date is just as vital as the location itself, a moving date needs be chosen by election to maximize the benefits.


The impact of difficult astrological passages can be preempted and decreased by enacting the energies in a controlled, deliberate fashion. My multi-pronged approach goes well beyond the traditional instructions and is custom created to suit your unique circumstances.

For instance, a difficult Neptune-Mars combination is commonly related to a persistent irritability that could lead to severe headaches and substance use. This energy can be released by taking sauna and soaking in hot springs, doing water sports, even watching war movies –to name a few. A frustrating Saturn-Mars hard aspect can be released with vigorous exercises to inflict manageable amount of physical strain. A much-dreaded Pluto progression could be minimized if one voluntarily purges the excess in their lives.

Trend Forecast

The stellar movements are in-sync with public sentiments, cultural and fashion trends, and generational values. Wars, pandemics, economic cycles, rise and fall of individuals and organizations all can be foretold by studying historical patterns and cycles. I incorporate trends forecast in consultations to give deeper a perspective to the multi-layered manifestation of planetary energies. It is also been proven useful for business and long-term planning for my clients.


Modern Astrology is a symbolic language that communicates on multiple realities. Without a profound understanding of the subject matter and context –be it psychology, finance, history, or politics –the interpretation not only will miss the mark, but also leads the client astray. Great astrologers not only master the techniques, they constantly sharpen their skills and strive to stay current in their field of specialization.

In the case of natal astrology, the subject of the study is you. Your astrologer should be interested in your stories, connecting dots, finding common threads, optimizing your innate gifts for personal growth and success.

Astrologer’s background and prejudice will color and skew their readings, which has proven to be particularly prevalent and perilous in today’s polarizing environment. Since bias is unavoidable, it’s advisable that you candidly discuss with your astrologer before your session. An ethical astrologer will be honest and open about their limitations and persuasions.

In general, avoid astrologers who are forever positive, forecasting nothing but bliss and spiritual enlightenment. On the same token, be wary of doomsayers who exploit fear and uncertainty to provoke anger and desperation.

An ethical and competent astrologer provides fresh insights, actionable intelligence, and pathways to expand and elevate your life –a reliable ally and a guide for your travel through the cross-currents of energy on the river of time. This is my pledge to all my clients.

Schedule a reading. Rectification is included with your first consultation and retainer service package.

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Published by

Eunice Lo

Eunice is an international astrologer specializing in zodiac degree symbols, modern horary astrology, outer planets, and midpoints. She is also a manifestation and magic coach, working with her clients to create, expand and elevate their personal realities. Coming from a background rich in symbols, rituals, and miracles, Eunice started practicing magic at a very young age and dedicated herself to astrology study after a series of life-changing transits. Her unusual life experience and proprietary techniques are the reasons behind the unparalleled depth and clarity of her readings and consultations. She holds an M.A. in music therapy and is a mental health professional, classically-trained musician and experienced linguist. She is fluent in English, Mandarin, Taiwanese, and can be reached at bravenewreal@gmail.com.

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