Queen of Swords


She’s down to her last love affair. It had just unceremoniously ended. She’s all spent. If she didn’t enter a deep freeze, an emotional hibernation, she would soon die from consecutive heartbreaks.

For days, she desperately pleaded for her impending fate, but there’s no other way. On a Thursday at 11:03 AM local time, as she gazed out of her office window, a mass of cool mist surrounded her. As the heavy iciness spread from her chest, she surrendered in sadness and felt her center frozen solid and fused shut.

She could never give her heart away and leave herself empty and hollow again. It’s now firmly lodged in her center, immovable. Out of the wreckage of her emotional roller coasters spun out blades of fine steel. Intricate ribbons weaved into an indestructible armor; shimmering wires made her harness, carrying her and whoever she might choose to let in her world down the road.

As her anger and bitterness fell away like storm cloud remnants, she silently thanked all who broke her heart and pushed her to the brink. Without them repeatedly abusing her love and putting her heart through the meat grinder, she wouldn’t be here.

The Queen of Swords was born.

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