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Most people seek astrologers’ readings for career, love, or money. In my case, it started with my hope for parenting guidance.

My daughter constantly had meltdowns and tantrums that we didn’t know how to handle. When I shared my frustration with Eunice, my colleague at the time, she suggested that she could look into my daughter’s chart and give us some ideas about her temperament and what caused those outbursts. Without an exact birth time, Eunice narrowed down the time frame with a few major events and created a birth chart.

I had no plan of getting an astrology reading before and didn’t have any expectations, nevertheless, I was fascinated by how much a chart could tell about a person’s personality, mental, and emotional state. It explained a lot about my daughter’s outbursts. Although there was no direct answer or solution to our situation, the reading helped us understand her in a deeper sense, so we could find a better approach to guide her out of her emotional turmoil.

Since then, Eunice has looked at my other family members’ charts and shared with me the ideas or reasons behind some of their actions. I gained a new perspective as a result. Eunice doesn’t have a crystal ball to tell the future exactly. She emphasized that the chart was just a framework; the information she provided was to help me make decisions during a better time frame and under more ideal circumstances. After all, it’s our free will…


I was fortunate to meet Eunice through a friend at a time of uncertainty. Since I was not sure what time I was born, she pinpointed my birth time through several important life events and provided many useful suggestions.

If you are at the fork in the road and unsure of your best course of action, why not seek Eunice’s advice, your life may never be the same.


Basically (she was) right on target on everything.

平實溫暖的 帶著人文關懷
沒有贅言 句句重點

A scholarly astrologer
Without fancy flattery nor sensational fearmongering
Warm, down-to-earth, humanistic and caring
Contemplating the chart’s details and context
Providing clients with insightful analysis
No words were wasted, every sentence was crucial


I was introduced to Eunice’s astrology service through a close friend. Eunice, the astrology teacher, was able to provide detailed observations on people I’m yet to meet and events yet to unfold, accurate to the month and day of the given year… Like a guiding light into the perplexing future, she’s a trustworthy spiritual teacher.

I would like to express my gratitude for your guidance ❤️ yesterday marked one year of you reading my chart to me ☺️. It opened my eyes and my mind to so many small, and big, areas of myself. Such areas were either overworked or weren’t receiving any light and love. I am grateful to have met you, Eunice! May the new seasons bring you health, love and prosperity ✨️🌸.