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Retainer Servic


  1. Email For manifestation coaching, please provide your availability for a 15-minute free pre-consultation meeting. For astrology consultations, please include the following:
  • Your name, birth date, time, and location (city, state, and country).
  • 10 or more important dates for rectification (the more the better). Briefly describe the significance of these events and prioritize the most impactful events.These could be, but are not limited to:

§ Births and deaths in your family and close relations
§ Major illness and accidents
§ Financial or property loss
§ Relocation and long-distance travels
§ New jobs and career changes
§ Degrees, prizes, awards, and promotions
§ Law suits, legal judgements, disputes and discords (legal, financial, business or familial).
§ Marriage and partnership. Beginning and end of relationships.

  • Five words you describe yourself (in the order of importance)
  • Five most common words others use to describe you (in the order of frequency)
  • What prompted you to seek an astrologer? What are your primary concerns right now?
  • Anything you’d like to share to help me know you better
  • Your availability (please include your current city and time zone)
  1. Once I receive your information, I’ll email an invoice along with a client agreement. You can also schedule a free 15-minute pre-consultation, during which we can address your non-chart related questions and expectations.
  2. Cash, checks, and major credit cards are accepted. If you choose to pay with cash or checks, please select delivery methods that include a tracking number.
  3. As soon as I received your payment and signature (a photo, scan or printout of the signature page), I’ll start working on rectifying your chart.
  4. When the rectification is complete (usually within 3 days, sometimes I will need additional information), I’ll send proposed consultation times and schedule our meeting.

The first session is 60 minutes. The $180 cost includes rectification. For returning clients, follow-up sessions can be scheduled by email or text in 30-minute/$90 increments.

All sessions are conducted over the phone. A detailed summary will be emailed to you after the session. A brief follow-up is available to clarify or answer additional questions.


For $2,400 a year, you can schedule unlimited consultation and receive additional free rectifications for your immediate family and business.

This service is particularly of value if you frequently need election (timing) services and horary readings for business or work, or if you’re going through critical and complex transits and need intensive support and coaching.

Your subscription also includes priority (48-hour) and after-hours scheduling. Space is limited and available on first-come-first-serve basis.

Cancellation, Rescheduling and Refund Policies

Rescheduling: Since most of the work is done before the session, payment for the consulting session is not refundable. Please notify via email, voicemail or text at the earliest opportunity if you need to reschedule your appointment. Fees paid for consultation not utilized within one year of invoice payment will be considered forfeit and non-refundable.

Retainer Service Cancellation and Refunds: Retainer service clients may cancel their subscription and receive pro-rated refund for the unused portion based on the number of whole months remaining at the time of termination.

Read our client service agreement (sample):