How to Handle (Extra) Difficult Pluto Transits

Pluto, regardless of its planetary status, is one of, if not the most powerful object in astrology. Pluto transits ask of us to let go of our ego, abandon outdated beliefs and behavior, or suffer crushing loss. Difficulties handling such demand often bring on personal crises that are emotional, powerful, and life-changing. However, if we endure and learn from its lessons, Pluto’s reward is also tremendous.

There are many good resources, on the web or in volumes, that cover Pluto’s energy and its transits. However, few have dealt with compounded “hard” transits in which Pluto simultaneously forms opposition (180 degree), square (90 degree) or conjunction (0 degree) to multiple points in the birth chart. These transit are extra difficult and is the topic of this article.

When mired in Pluto overload, life could seem like one long and painful series of crises. Without some guidance or framework, the hardship could dim the light of the brightest as time drags on. The good news is, as endless as these transits might seem, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Better yet, as long as we persevere and are open to change, there is a wealth of new resources for us to discover and draw from that would make our life better, deeper and richer.

PLEASE NOTE: The following are NOT predictions for your upcoming Pluto transit. Most Pluto transits are mediated by other factors in your chart and are non-threatening. The following pointers are for those who are in the middle of simultaneous or a long series of Pluto transits and are experiencing a lot of pain. If you wonder whether you are in one, don’t worry –you are not.

For those of you still reading, let’s take a deep breath and dive right in:

1. STAY ALIVE. Let’s cut to the chase: sometimes Pluto transits bring out our self-destructive tendencies; sometimes they relentlessly drive us over the limit and then push some more. This is often triggered by loss of cherished personal relations, ideas, or possessions (see below: “BE KIND TO YOURSELF”). If you feel suicidal, please seek help. You are not alone; many of us have been through this and become better for it.

That being said, chances are, you are yearning for change, not death. Most likely, if your life could change for the better, you wouldn’t want it to end. Pluto transits guarantee tremendous change. All you have to do is to live through it, –you do not have to physically kill yourself for that change to happen.

When we go through tough Pluto transits, we shed part of ourselves that is outdated and unproductive for our growth, some call this process “egocide,” the death of our ego. Ego, a psychological construct, mainly consisted of compromised thought and behavioral patterns, is a convenient tool that bridges our infinite and variegated inner experience and outer world that contently coerced us to conform and internalize socially approved behaviors.

Ego works to keeps us from being honest with ourselves. It glosses over our reality and and lubricates our societal interactions. As we age, most of us forgo the constant, bothersome dissonance of such chasm and adopt the ego as a shaky front to ourselves and others. The trouble is, ego works to sedate our consciousness, it does not promote personal growth or truth. When a trying Pluto transit occurs, the gap between our true self and what the ego desires is again brought into sharp focus. Only by separating ourselves from our egos and leave them hang out to dry can we survive and thrive through these challenging times.

Sure, checking out of life is still an option. However, when we give up living, the process of transformation and growth stops, and people who believe in reincarnation tell us that we will have to come back and start all over, –sounds like a huge waste of time, doesn’t it? So, dig deep, gather your resources and stay alive, period. There is a whole new world on the other side of this tunnel. You are gaining points just by going through these transits and not giving up.

2. BE KIND TO YOURSELF. During Pluto transits, there are likely be events that involved some type of failure or loss. It could be the end of a life-long pursue, it could be the loss of something that makes you who we are, or someone who is very dear to you. Whatever the event, the circumstances are most likely beyond your control. Blaming yourselves for the failure, desperately trying to cling to something that no longer works or someone you can’t bring back is not helpful. Please know that what is truly yours can never be taken away from you. What is truly yours will return, transformed and improved, but you have to allow the process to happen. In the meantime, be kind to yourself and be your best friend.

Others probably will not understand the grief you are experiencing. They might not be able to comprehend how the event would warrant such pain (“it’s only ___” –fill in the blank.) Be gentle and patient with yourself, own your pain, allow yourself to hurt, experience it fully, you will get through.

3. Have therapeutic outlets. Creative expressions are especially therapeutic during this period. Journaling, art and projects can keep you engaged, safely externalize the negative emotions you are experiencing and stay sane. Whatever method you choose is fine: paint, write, dance, sing, knit, remodel, –anything to mark the process and progress. If you get to see a good therapist, please do.

4. Stay busy, and have a routine that involves tending to the people, animals, or things you love. You can only dwell in negative emotions for so long without being morbid or obsessed. So get out of the house, keep your personal business in order, give love and spend time with those you care about. Keep a routine, take on some responsibility so you are committed even when you don’t feel like it. Get yourself occupied by something outside of yourself so you have opportunities to get refreshed and recharged.

5. Plutonian rituals: sort, discard, recycle, and transform. Be an active participant of the Pluto transit if you can. Sort through your stuff, throw out (donate, resale) what you no longer need or want as a part of your life. Your personal possessions have stories, emotions and meanings attached to them. By letting go, you are actively making decisions to release the non-authentic, outdated, and unproductive aspects of you. Although emotionally difficult, most of the times the choices are pretty simple and clear. If not, you could always come back later. This is a process, not an one-time event.

Another option for active participation: you could drastically change your appearance, your living space, or sever dysfunctional relationships. Again, in order to activate the Plutonian energy, it would involve some kind of loss, reduction or consolidation that results in dramatic transformation.

6. Learn to let go. Many astrologers mentioned that Pluto transits involves power struggle and control dramas. Whether you are the one desperately trying to control the outcomes and restore order in your life, or you feel like some people have you tightly under their thumbs, the best thing to do under the Pluto transit, as improbable and wrong it might sound, is to let go.

Let go of the control –control fails. Let go of the power struggle –the sense of personal power is an illusion. While not giving in and being a willing victim to abusive situations, stop engaging in the battles of will and the control dramas. Be aware and stay away if possible. If you are the controlling one, you would eventually lose by winning; if you are the one being controlled, playing the same game would only make you exactly the opposite side of the same coin –you would be stuck in the vicious circle.

Think long term and engage on a different level. Pluto transit asks us to dig deeper and soar higher, which brings us to the next two points:

7. Find your center. As the transit goes on, you will start to notice that beneath all the turmoil, deep down, there is a part of you remains unshaken, undisturbed. You will found your core, your luminescent center –and it will be a day for quiet celebration. Here lies your foundation, the knowing of who you truly are and what you are made of. It will grow and become the new source of your strength. By cultivating and staying connected to this source, the helplessness and desperation of these tough transits will gradually subside.

8. Metaphysical tools: affirmation, prayers and visualization really help during these difficult times. In order for these to work, one has to be persistent and have conviction. Be careful what you ask for and be ready to receive –whether you are asking for yourself or others. Be grateful and give thanks when you receive. Do not ask for others what you wouldn’t ask for yourself. You will be surprised how powerful your thoughts are when you focus and believe.

As long as you make it through these tough transits and are willing to adopt and grow, life will change for the better. You will find a new source of strength, a new sense of self that no one can diminish or take away from you. Some things lost during Pluto transits return in disguise, reincarnated –you will recognize them and cherish them more than ever (see The Gift of Pluto). The rest, you will realize down the road that, as difficult as it were at the time, that’s the way it had to be, to get you from one stage to the next. Some day, these scars will be reminders of what you went through, and the evidence that you do have the strength and perseverance to weather the storm.

What doesn’t get killed during Pluto transits, gets stronger.

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Eunice Lo

Eunice Lo is an international author, astrologer, and coach. She specializes in Pluto transits, degree symbols, modern horary & electional astrology, and predictive techniques. She is also a magic & manifestation coach, working with her clients to create, expand and elevate their personal realities. Growing up in a culture rich in symbols, rituals, and miracles, Eunice started practicing magic at a very young age and dedicated herself to astrology study after a series of life-changing events. Her unusual life experience and proprietary techniques are the reasons for the unparalleled depth and clarity of her offerings. She studied counseling psychology and holds a M.A. in music therapy. Her many past roles include crisis counselor, linguist, classical & Jazz musician, and composer. She is fluent in English, Mandarin, Taiwanese, and can be reached at:

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