Current Mercury Retrograde Mood: The Commoditization of Us (15-16 Degree Taurus)

Public domain Image From The Æsop for Children, by Æsop, illustrated by Milo Winter.

15-16 degree of Taurus

Sign: Taurus (One’s worth, values, and resources. Physical sensations.)

Decanate: Virgo (Earthy and materialistic bounties. Fruits of labor. Value of skills. Ethics.)

Duad: Scorpio (Creative destruction. Objectifying and acquisition. Break down of ownership, values and boundaries.)

Degree: 15 (Contrast. Intensified personal relations. Possible change of alliance. Evaluation of others. Internal conflicts. Self as one’s worst enemy. Instability.)

Numerology: 6 (Harmony and discord. Evaluation and judgement.)

Working symbol: A farmer contemplating killing his golden-egg-laying goose to extract its remaining eggs.

The degree where Mercury stationed before turning retrograde dominates the agenda of the retrograde period. For the current retrograde, Mercury stays within the 15th degree of Taurus for 6 days before changing degree.

The 15-16 degree of Taurus is closely related to the value of commoditized labor and skills, and whether we are selling ourselves short or overestimating our contribution in the workplace. Conversely, our superior, peers, or customers may also be thinking about how to maximize their benefit from us, and whether to retain our service after the metaphorical extraction. It is also possible that we’re at the position of evaluating someone else’s worthiness and value. In any case, the underlying tone is one of self-centeredness and stubbornness, as well a lack of generosity and good will.

This degree also has to do with how we value our labor and hard-earned skills. Do we package the fruits of our labor and sell them to the highest bidder? Or do we continue to refine and break things in the hope of discovering the magic formula? Are we preserving or destroying our health and well-being as we cope with endless demands and an impersonal workplace?

The 15th degree of a sign is where it the two opposing signs –in this case, Taurus and Scorpio, oscillates in a fragmented and conflicting manner. This behavior is not always apparent and sometimes can disguise as ambivalence and lead to an abrupt turning point of a relationship.

Taurus 15 also happens to be the 45th degree in the 360 degree cycle, carrying the quality of eight-ness, which refers to the duality of strength and weakness, and can point to the excessive use of force that cause injury and damage.

In summary, it may be wise to pay attention to the themes related to this retrograde period and remind ourselves that during this period our perception and reasoning can be flawed. And if possible, withhold any irreversible decisions until after May 15, 2023, when Mercury resumes its forward motion.

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